Frequently Asked Questions

Step one is a meeting. This will include an evaluation, and require a full set of financial statements. At that time, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
Our fee is determined by the severity of the problem. Before we begin, we will give you an estimated cost of services. We can charge an hourly fee or a fixed price. To avoid surprises, you will be notified before we exceed our estimated costs.
In most cases a thorough evaluation of operations can be completed within a few weeks. For turnarounds, the amount of time needed to complete is dependent on the specific situation. In difficult cases, an extended period of time may be required. We will provide you with an estimated length of the engagement.
Our intention is to provide relief not to add financial pressure to your situation. We work with you and negotiate a mutually agreeable plan. There are no hidden fees.
The initial meeting will be with Richard Katzman. Depending on the issues, you will be assigned to either Richard Katzman or one of our experts in your area of need. Mr. Katzman will oversee all the work and be available as concerns arise.
We will meet frequently until we develop and implement an action plan. We will then speak at least once a week until full implementation and we see proven results.
We need a full set of financial statements to review. We may also need to speak with key employees who understand the intricacies of the organization.
Creditors will be notified only when necessary.